FD TAN. TAIGA Army Weapon Coating

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FD Tan paint. The painted surface is resistant to scratches, temperature changes (up to 300C), water, snow and chemicals. Taiga paint is used in many areas such as weapon production, automotive industry, anti-vandal painting.

Colour: FD TAN
In set:
1. Paint Taiga
2. Hardener
3. Solvent
4. Mixing container
5. Syringes for mixing proportions
6. Instruction for painting



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Brands:: Taiga Paint
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FD TAN Taiga is a two-component paint. It is intended for application to a surface which is exposed to the influence of environment and chemicals. Taiga paint is resistant to mechanical stress, it has fine coverage rate and does not leave drip stains. Moreover its two-part formulation provides full protection of the surface even in case of applying one layer of the paint. The painted surface is resistant to scratches, temperature changes (up to 300C), water, snow and chemicals. Taiga paint is used in many areas such as automotive industry, airsoft weapon production, anti-vandal painting.

Wearproof paint TAIGA significantly exceeds foreign counterparts in price and quality. You can buy camo paint directly in our online store.


1. Surface preparation
1.1 During application and drying of the paint, the air temperature should be above +20 degrees Celsius.
1.2 For better adhesion, it is recommended to de-gloss the surface with emery cloth P400 or higher.
1.3 Remove dirt and degrease the surface with solvent “Taiga”.

2. Paint Inking and Drying
2.1 Before application, stir or shake the paint well.
2.2 Mix the paint with the hardener at a ratio of 5:1 (5 ml paint: 1 ml hardener).
2.3 Hold the ready mixture for 10-15 minutes
2.4 Depending on the method of pressure pulverization, it is possible to add a thinner of 2 to 15 ml to get the right viscosity.
2.5 Apply paint to the surface. If it is necessary to give 2 coats, make a pause of 10 minutes between the coats.
2.6 Before drying (baking) it is necessary to hold the painted product for at least 30 minutes at room temperature. Drying (baking) can also be done one month after painting.
2.7 Dry the product at a temperature of 80-140 degrees for 45-60 minutes. The higher the temperature, the less time is needed for drying. Use an infrared oven, dryer, oven or heat gun.


3.1 A kitchen oven can be used for drying at home. The minimum heating mode is “I”, it is about 140°C.
3.2 For drying with a heat gun, evenly heat the surface, piece by piece, 45-60 minutes at temperature of 80- 140 °C.
3.3 For painting plastic products (magazine, butt) it is recommended to dry at the temperature not exceeding 50 °C for 45 minutes. If the material allows, the temperature can be raised. If the product is not exposed to aggressive external influences, baking can be avoided.
3.4 When applying Taiga by air spraying, the recommended nozzle diameter is 0.4-1.4 mm, exit pressure from 0,26 μПа.
3.5 At the end of the work, clean the instruments with Taiga or P-646 or 647 solvent.
3.6 Once Taiga is mixed with Hardener, there is only a 6-8-hour pot life at room temperature and up to 24 hours – in the refrigerator. 



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