RUSSIAN BEREZKA. Camouflage Stencils

RUSSIAN BEREZKA. Camouflage Stencils

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A set of stencils is intended for applying a camouflage pattern on weapons or items of military, hunting or sports equipment. You can use these stencils with any kind of paint whatever properties and composition it has. We recommend using the stencils with gun paint Taiga.

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BEREZKA camouflage stencils are designed for applying camouflage to weapons, sights, helmets and various items of equipment.  The stencil pattern looks like the original camouflage pattern but is not an exact copy of it. The set of stencils is enough to paint one rifle (long-barreled gun, machine gun) with an optical sight or 3 helmets or 3 guns.  Our weapon stencils are of high quality pattern and fit well to the surface, so the edges of the pattern remain flat. Stencils have high elasticity, they are easy to stick and remove.

1 Number of self-adhesive stencils – 15 pcs.
2 Manual

1 Degrease the surface to be painted.
2 Preheat the stencil sheet before laying it on an uneven surface. When working with small parts, it is advisable to use tweezers.
3 Cover with masking tape the parts that you do not plan to paint.
4 Apply paint with an airbrush or universal spray Preval.
5 Let the surface dry at room temperature for 15-20 minutes before applying each new coat of paint TAIGA.

When applying A-TACS AU camouflage, the SPONGING method can be used.

Acceptable temperature of use is from + 10 ° СDo + 40 ° С
Packing size – 20×32 cm
Stencil Material – High Quality self-adhesive Vinyl Film

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