AOR 1. Camo Stencils and Paint Kit

AOR1 NWU TYPE 2. Camo Stencils and Paint Kit

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Camouflage coating is designed to mask and protect weapons from scratches, chips and rust. We offer you a ready-made kit for painting in camouflage AOR 1. We make sure that your weapons become exclusive, emphasize your personality and serve you for many years.

Brands:: Taiga Paint
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The set for painting weapons in camouflage AOR 1 is designed to paint two units of small arms with gun paint TAIGA. The kit includes weapons stencils, wear-resistant gun paint in four colors and all the necessary accessories for painting weapons at home. Well-chosen colors and high-quality stencil drawing provide excellent camouflage in the area day and night. Camouflage painting kit AOR1 allows you to paint weapons in camouflage quickly both at home and in specialized workshops, weapons can be used on the day of painting. TAIGA gun paint provides reliable protection of weapons from scratches, chips and rust for a long time, withstands the temperature of barrel heating when firing a firearm (up to 300 ° C). Sets for painting weapons in camouflage are made only from high-quality components using specialized gun paint TAIGA.

Weapon paint Taiga does not lose its properties at any time of the year, day or night. Subject to the instructions for painting, the coating provides long-term protection against rust, scuffs, scratches and chips.

• weapon paint Taiga – 4 bottles of wear-resistant paint (colors: beige, sand, brown, khaki) – each can of 30 ml
• capacity for mixing paint – 125 ml
• dispensers (syringes) – 2 pcs.
• hardener – 30 ml
• solvent – 50 ml
• camouflage set of weapons stencils
• manual

• maximum heating temperature of the painted product up to 300 ° C for 10 minutes.
• the weapon can be used on the day of painting without restrictions
• the painted surface is rough and pleasant to the touch, while it has good hydrophobic properties and corrosion protection (water droplets roll off without remaining on the surface)
• the painted surface must be heat-treated using a heat gun, drying box or oven (at 120ºC). Thanks to heat treatment, high wear resistance is achieved!
• allowable surface for painting: metal, plastic, wood.

TAIGA paint is applied in several layers with a spray gun, airbrush or universal spray gun PREVAL (it’s not included in the set).
The first layer should be applied by the base colour, then the remaining colors are applied using stencils.
The time interval of natural drying between application of the layers is 15-20 minutes.
After applying the final coat of paint, natural drying is required for 60 minutes at room temperature.
Then drying with a building hair dryer or  in the oven at a temperature of 130 ° C for 30 minutes.

Recommended nozzle size for airbrush or spray gun is 0.4-1.4mm
If you do not have a pneumatic sprayer, you can buy universal sprayer Preval at our store.
Each kit comes with the detailed manual for applying our two-component paint TAIGA.
For painting plastic products (magazine, butt) it is recommended to dry at the temperature not exceeding 50 °C for 45 minutes. If the material allows, the temperature can be raised. If the product is not exposed to aggressive external influences, baking can be avoided.



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